Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking our services. By reserving our transfers or services you fully accept out Terms and Conditions, and you are therefore legally bound to them. This User Agreement is regulated by the Italian law without regard to conflict of laws that would result in the application of the legislation belonging to any other jurisdiction.

  • Responsibilities or the transportation service provider shall not be held responsible for losses including, but not limited to, loss or stolen properties, lost or damaged luggage, missed flights, ferries or trains or any other missed connected services, for whatsoever reason. or the transportation service provider shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to omissions or mistakes affecting the booking, either online or by phone or email. The client shall be the only responsible for the data reported in the confirmation email; any mistakes or omissions shall be immediately notified to the booking office, and a new confirmation email will be sent shortly. Any mistakes or omissions detected 48 hours before the agreed pick-up time, shall be notified to the emergency phone number provided in the confirmation email. By subscribing this User Agreement, the customers acknowledges that shall not, in any way, be held responsible for whatsoever loss, expense, direct or indirect damage due to the use or missed use of the reserved transportation services, under ordinary and extraordinary circumstances, even if has been informed about some particular circumstances affecting the customer’s trip.
  • Services Availability
    After having completed the booking procedure, the customer shall receive our service confirmation. In case no Taxi is available, we will inform the customer by email.
    The vehicle model and type reported on the booking form and on this website shall have the only purpose of describing the service type. In some rare cases the service provider could use a different vehicle for the transfer, for example if the reserved vehicle is in delay because of traffic, diversion or other reasons, a suitable replacement vehicles will be provided at same price or at a higher price. We cannot guarantee that the same vehicle type or model reported in the confirmation email will be provided for the customer ‘service.
  • Payment
    The usual payment method is in cash to the driver, but it is also possible to pay in advance by credit card (by adding a fee amounting to 2,7%) or PayPal.
    Should the customer choose to pay in cash to the driver, the credit card details provided during the booking procedure will be only used to confirm and guarantee his reservation, but no amount will be debited on the card.
    The customer’s credit card may be used to debit, without previous notice, any applicable penalty as per Chapter 5 of this User Agreement and to cover any expenses in case of damages to the vehicle. The customer  acknowledges and confirms that the credit card number provided is his and that it contains sufficient funds to pay for the booked service The customer can directly request it to the driver on the transfer day
  • Changes and/or Cancellations
    In case of booking cancellation, the following fees will be applied: 
    a) No charges up to 12 (twelve) hours before the agreed pick-up time. 
    b) 50% of the transfer cost less than 12 twelve hours before the agreed pick-up time, but before the driver has left to the agreed meeting point
    c) 100% of the transfer cost after the driver has left to the agreed meeting point or in case of customer’s absence


  • Maximum waiting time
    a) Pick-ups from airports and cruise terminals: 60 minutes from the actual flight or cruise arrival time (displayed on the airport/cruise terminal information monitors). After this time has passed and the driver has not been contacted by the customer, this circumstance will be considered as a "non- show" and the driver will leave the meeting point. A cancellation fee (100% of the booked service price) will be charged.
    b) Pick-ups from any other location: 30 minutes after the agreed pick-up time. ). After this time has passed and the driver has not been contacted by the customer,
    this circumstance will be considered as a "non- show" and the driver will leave the meeting point. A cancellation fee (100% of the booked service price) shall be charged.

    In case of "non-show" not communicated by the customer, after the maximum waiting time has passed, 100% of the booked service price shall be charged.
    Any modification to the booked service shall be communicated to our reservation office by email at least 48 hours before the arranged pick-up time. After the customer receives  our confirmation email, mentioning  the meeting point and the phone number of our manager, usually 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time, any change to the booking shall be directly agreed with him by calling the phone number reported on the email.
    In case we need to cancel the customer’s booking, we will inform him as soon as possible by email and, if possible, we will suggest him other applicable options.

    Our company reserves the rights to cancel any booking for whatsoever reason. No compensation shall be due, except for a full refund in case of prepaid reservation.

  • Child seats
    Pursuant to the EU directive 2003/20/EC, the following applies:
    Children must be placed in suitable child seats until they are 135 cm tall or aged 12 (whichever they reach first). Then they shall be obliged to wear adult seatbelts. The driver  shall be responsible to check that children are properly restrained. However, licensed vehicles are exempted, so they are authorized to carry children even if not provided with suitable child seat.
    Children under 3 are in any case under the responsibility of the vehicle’ passengers.


  • Excessive luggage and special items
    For ensuring the best service and vehicle for the customer’s need please inform us about any big luggage or special items (having an  odd shape, heavy or bigger than usual, including, but not limited to: strollers, wheelchairs, scuba dive equipment, bikes, golf bags). The customer shall be held responsible for any eventual expenses for additional or different vehicles necessary to carry the luggage or special items not specified on the reservation form.

  • Force Majeure shall not be held responsible for any delay, modification or cancellation caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control, such as accidents on the transfer route, normal or heavy traffic, acts of terrorism, strikes, police checkpoints, extreme weather conditions, detours, natural disasters, road maintenance, etc.

  • Intellectual Property Rights
    Trademarks, copyrights, and all other intellectual properties of this website have been granted to Transfers Milan Airport and are protected by the national and international regulations governing intellectual property. Any use of these contents by third parties for any purpose other than booking transfers is prohibited, including modification, subsequent publication and total or partial reproduction or representation without the express consent of Transfers Milan Airport